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  • Longevity Runs in Her Family

        Elizabeth Francis set a few records as she celebrated her birthday. She became the oldest living person in Texas, the […]

  • Becoming a Least Vulnerable Person – 2023

        This article was originally published during 2020. Since then, the threat of the pandemic, and the flow of information […]

  • Not Close to Shooting His Age

        Avid golfers often talk about shooting their age. If you score at or below your age for ideally 18 holes – that’s […]

  • Flying High

        John Hartness has been flying high since he was 16 years old. So, it’s no wonder that he took to the sky to celebrate […]

  • Inherently Good

      Inherently Good The imagination is a powerful force of life. Great men and women of the past have always held their […]

  • Colette’s Secrets

        Colette Maze is a 109-year-old French pianist. Not was, is. She plays passionately and well, and Debussy no less. […]

  • Couldn’t Stay Retired

        Jayne Burns tried, but she just couldn’t stay retired. This past accountant has been working as a fabric cutter for […]

  • An Old Friend

        He’s being referred to as a “veteran U.S. diplomat” and an “old friend” of the Chinese. They are talking about […]

  • Someone Who Generates Love

        At the age of 10,  Joan Carulla had an epiphany. He vowed to become un generador de amor – someone who generates […]

  • Sage-ing, Not Aging

        The Swiss psychiatrist and founder of Analytical Psychology, Carl Jung, was known for seeing the mystical, metaphorical, […]

  • Just Go Ahead and Do It

        Dorothy Pointer is living her life today pretty much the same way she always has. According to Dorothy, “If I feel […]

  • Do Yourself a Favor, Enjoy Everything

        Mildred Kirschenbaum is an advice giving social media star. She’s got over 2.1 million views on TikTok and her […]