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  • Third Generation Centenarian

        Ken Turner doesn’t see turning 100 as being unique. He’s actually a third generation centenarian, reaching the […]

  • To Our Last Breath

        At The 100 Year Lifestyle we have long said that your healthy longevity is birthright time, not borrowed time. We all […]

  • Each Year Better Than the Last

        If you ask 100-year-old Dorothy (Dottie) Iverson to pick a favorite year of her life, she’ll tell you she can’t. […]

  • Still Working at 100

        Thelma Coyd-Cording is still working at 100, and doesn’t have any plans to retire. She’s a beautician who loves what […]

  • Declared Her Independence on the Day She Was Born

        When Patrice Kiefer was born her father said that she had declared her independence. Patrice was born on July 4th – […]

  • The Planet’s Oldest Bodybuilder

        Jim Arrington was recognized by Guinness World Records as the planet’s oldest bodybuilder in 2015. Today, at 90, […]

  • Making Up for Lost Time

        Joy France spent her childhood walking to school with her hands over her eyes. She believed that way she could go […]

  • Feels Good at 107

        If you talk to Bobbie West, she’ll tell you she feels good at 107 years old! Her vision is poor, and she doesn’t […]

  • On His Way

      Joe Delfausse isn’t a centenarian, yet. But he’s well on his way. While he’s only 82, he’s clearly living his 100 […]

  • Longevity Runs in Her Family

        Elizabeth Francis set a few records as she celebrated her birthday. She became the oldest living person in Texas, the […]

  • Becoming a Least Vulnerable Person – 2023

        This article was originally published during 2020. Since then, the threat of the pandemic, and the flow of information […]

  • Not Close to Shooting His Age

        Avid golfers often talk about shooting their age. If you score at or below your age for ideally 18 holes – that’s […]