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Enjoy the most recent  100 Year Lifestyle Podcasts podcasts from provided by Shepherd Chiropractic in Pewaukee, WI.

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        Elizabeth Francis set a few records as she celebrated her birthday. She became the oldest living person in Texas, the […]

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        This article was originally published during 2020. Since then, the threat of the pandemic, and the flow of information […]

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        Avid golfers often talk about shooting their age. If you score at or below your age for ideally 18 holes – that’s […]

  • Flying High

        John Hartness has been flying high since he was 16 years old. So, it’s no wonder that he took to the sky to celebrate […]

  • Inherently Good

      Inherently Good The imagination is a powerful force of life. Great men and women of the past have always held their […]

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